Love Thy Self: Day #23

One of the reasons I love the statement “I am enough” is that the message implies that there is nothing I need to add or takeaway in order to be loved, valued, or whole. I just started reading Emergence by Derek Rydall, and so far, the book is speaking directly to where I am at and why I started this challenge: to realize and know I am perfect as I am.

Rydall compares each of us to an acorn, which has all it needs inside of it to grow into an oak (it just needs a little nurturing to grow). He goes on to ask us to imagine that we are holding a baby as she snuggles into our arms. How do we feel about that baby? Would we say things like, “gross, that baby is so fat?!” Or “Yuck, that baby hardly has any hair and cannot even walk. What a loser!” Yet, we say horrible things to ourselves.

“In contrast, when we recognize that everything we need is already within us and begin to reconnect to that feeling of innate wholeness and perfection — the way we felt toward that baby — we lay the foundation for the Law of Emergence to operate a process that is about becoming (or, rather, revealing) more of who you truly are, unleashing your infinite, often imprisoned potential” (Emergence, Rydall).

In some ways, I think I have been searching for this idea. I have always been in love with self-help because I am always looking for a way to heal or fix myself. I go through work and other aspects of life thinking I’m less than or not good enough. It is why the statement “I’m enough” resonates so much with me. We are all perfect creations waiting to grow and fulfill our destiny. The code is written into our DNA, like an acorn knows to grow into an oak tree. And yes, not all oak trees are the same or have the same conditions, but they still know what they were meant to become.

There is more than enough good in this world for all of us! When we live out of a place of inner love and peace, we are free to live the life we are meant to live.


#IAMENOUGH #lovethyself #30dayLoveChallenge

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