Love Thy Self: Day #19

Today I was on a run and was feeling pretty bad. The run was a struggle and ended up being mostly a walk. I was thinking a ton about how I should be stronger and not walking as much as I did today at this stage in my training. On top of a bad run, the day before, I was at a concert and just felt frumpy and bad. For some reason, I usually feel too old or out of place at concerts now. Of course, I was comparing myself to 20-somethings who have flawless skin and killer bodies (ladies, you look amazing – enjoy and celebrate it!). I have wrinkles and not the best fashion, but why do I care? My wrinkles are there from years of smiling and laughing and being expressive. And if I feel good in my clothes, who cares what anyone else might think. So today I decided to do my hair and makeup and decided to adopt a “fuck it” attitude. I am celebrating the fact that I got out and exercised despite how I felt about the run, and tonight I am going to dance and enjoy spending time with my sister at day two of the Boston Calling festival. Life is fucking good. And I am fucking beautiful!! 

#IAMENOUGH #lovethyself #30DayLoveChallenge

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