Love Thy Self: Day #17

Yesterday I was listening to the Rich Roll podcast (episode titled “Growth is our Mandate”). His journey is one of recovery: He was a collegiate swimmer and became a successful lawyer all while struggling with alcoholism. Eventually he obtained sobriety, went on to adopt a plant-based diet, and ended up racing in long-course triathlons. Because of his diet and success in long-course triathlons, he has written a book and has taken on a completely different career path than any he could have imagined for himself, which he absolutely loves. One of the things he mentioned in that episode was that he did not end up where he is today because of a road map, vision board or any real planning on his part. Instead, he followed the subtle nudges in his life and took advantage of opportunities when they showed up. That message really resonated with me because I hear so much these days about the planning or attracting that people do to bring about good in their life, and I just feel so much pressure to do the same, but I am not really a planner.

I felt so encouraged by his message because I have been struggling a bit lately. I am not in love with my current job but feel stuck when it comes to transitioning to whatever might be next (vision boards have not been helping). I think I mentioned in a previous “Love thy self” post that I was feeling pretty down recently because I have not been able to find a counseling internship (I have taken the rejection personally as a sign that I might not be pursuing the right field). Well, as of yesterday, I got an internship! Now, I can look back with more gratitude that the former opportunities I pursued did not work out because this one is ideal with regard to the location, flexible schedule, supervisor, population I will work with, etc. Things worked out pretty amazingly, I just needed a bit more faith.

I think that last statement is true with myself too: I just need a bit more faith. At the end of my interview yesterday for the internship, one of the counselors reflected that she thought my work experience and the fact that I am in a career-transition, gives me a wisdom and maturity that I did not see as a strength originally. She also pointed out that I had empathy for the population I will be working with, which I did not fully notice until she made that observation. I have been looking at my skills and lack of experience in counseling as a detriment, but I think I just need a bit more faith in myself. Of course I have much to learn, but I also need to give myself and my experience more credit. I tend to be someone who is self-deprecating. But instead, I think I want to be like the lion in the above picture: soft, cuddly, inviting, approachable, and peaceful with the potential to be fierce.

I bring a unique perspective, history, and experience to the work I will be doing as a counselor. I need to trust more in my abilities and my path. It is time to reclaim my inner lion.

#IAMENOUGH #lovethyself #30DayLoveChallenge

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