Love Thy Self: Day #8

I love my muscles! Ok, so maybe they are not very big or super defined right now, BUT they are growing every day. They push me forward as I train for the Ironman triathlon in October. They are transforming my shape and burning more calories when I am at rest. They are AWESOME! They make me feel powerful and capable of tackling any challenge. They help me to see that progress is being made because I can walk up the stairs or up a hill without gasping for breath, AND I can carry more groceries (I am notorious for loading up my arms and trying to carry all of my groceries into the house on one trip).

My muscles are awesome, and I am awesome.

Hey! It is Day #8 and I feel better every day. I feel hope, love, more peace and joy. I am beginning to think that this body positivity journey needs to be a daily practice for me even well beyond the 30 days of this challenge.

#IAMENOUGH #lovethyself #30dayLoveChallenge

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