Love Thy Self: Day #4

Today was a good test. In the past, fighting with my partner would drive me to an emotional food eating binge. But today I went for a 10 mile run. Today I am reflecting on the desire to eat my emotions. Eating chips, cookies, a tub of ice cream will not hurt my partner or get back at him for hurting me, but that action will have a negative effect on me. When I stop and pause, I feel pretty good internally. When the hurt and anger subsides, I am left with me and the choices I can make. Binge eating will not heal my heart. Binge eating will not make me feel any better. 

Instead, I am doing my laundry and setting myself up for a successful weekend. I am choosing to love myself when my partner cannot. He has his own drama and demons to face and I am working on mine. 

Today I am being kind to myself and choosing self-love. 

#IAMENOUGH #lovethyself #30dayLoveChallenge

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