Love Thy Self: Day #3

Today I am focusing on my heart. My heart is unwavering and steadfast. My heart does not stop working even while I am sleeping. An incredibly powerful and strong muscle, my heart is fierce in its determination to keep me alive. Thank you heart! Not only are you a metaphor for love, but you are the reason I am alive and breathing. I cannot do this journey without you on so many levels.

Even though this is only day #3, I am becoming more and more amazed at my body’s ability to truly care for me without my conscious awareness. My heart tirelessly pumps blood through my body, transporting nourishment and oxygen while also removing waste. It is a blessing to be alive, healthy, able-bodied: things I take for granted on a regular basis. My looks, size and shape have very little to do with the person I was created to be. How much I take for granted by being ungrateful and focusing on the parts of my body that I misjudge. It’s like being handed a gift from someone we love dearly and saying, “ugh, gross! You know, this would really be the perfect gift if you would just get ride of this part, change that part, scrap that part, add this and that, etc. I mean, why did you even give me this gift?! I do not want it. Take it away!!” This body is my gift to experience and cherish: she has taken me to the finish line of two Ironman triathlons, she has healed and been resilient, and maybe someday might bear life. Why do I hate what has given me so much?

My eyes are a little misty as I type this post because I do not think I have realized just how amazing my body is and how much of a blessing it is to be in this body. Why have I wasted so much time hating my physical self? It feels really embarrassing to type this post because I know this is all so obvious, but I think I am just starting to open my heart and love myself. I feel a shift, more love and peace. If I can love myself a little more every day, then what does it matter what is going on at work, school, life? I have gifts and a purpose, and there is so much good in this universe. I truly believe there is more than enough good for all of us. I am on my path. You are on your path. We will both get to where we need to go. Thank you body for carrying me on my path. Because my body is unique, I have my own journey to take. Don’t I love my journey so far? (Yes!) So why would I wish for anything else?! My flaws are part of this journey. They are probably more of a blessing than I realize. I am willing to open my eyes and explore those blessings.

I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am enough. I have a purpose. I have gifts to share with the world. (Repetition is key!)

#IAMENOUGH #lovethyself #30dayLoveChallenge

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