Flawed but Still Thankful

I am not always good at being Solution-Focused, or positive for that matter. I can easily focus on my disappointments and let them overshadow everything great in my life. And sometimes I am a downright brat. I can be cranky and moody with some of the people I love the most, who do not deserve to be treated that way. Add in female hormones, past trauma, and insecurities and sometimes I am a hot mess. This past weekend, I was not at my best.

Maybe each week, I need to spend some time publicly thanking and being appreciative of the important people in my life.

This week, I will start with the two people who are in my closest circle and deal with my flaws in an up-close-and-very-personal way: my sister, who I live with (god bless her), and my partner.

Katie: thank you for being my sister. I know we have had our struggles but I am thankful that you are here with me. You know me better than I know myself sometimes. You challenge me to be my best self and cheer me on toward my crazy dreams. Thank you for the note in my lunch bag last week. Your words meant a lot to me and the note reminded me of our mom. I know she would be so proud of you. You are a survivor and a strong, smart, beautiful woman. I’m thankful that when I just need to cry, you let me. You believe in me, and I am thankful for your tireless support, even when I’m being a brat. I am thankful that we both have a love of cats and can laugh through the craziness that is our lives right now. I have no doubt you will be an incredible nurse, and I’m thankful to be able to support you in achieving your dreams. I love you and am grateful that you are my sister. Thank you for taking a risk on me and moving to Boston. Though I am not always good at showing you, I am very thankful you are here with me.

Eoghan: I know life is not always easy being with a crazy ginger. I have a temper, I need constant assurance that you love me, and I do not always make sense. I am thankful that you work so hard to show me you love me in actions, like taking time off work to spend time with me because you know that time together is important to me. I am grateful that you know how to make me laugh and smile. I am thankful for your kind heart and your willingness to help the people in your life. I love your ingenuity and your boldness in life, and that when you have a dream, like the PaddyWagon, you seize it and go after it with all of your heart. You inspire me to go after my dreams. I am grateful that you try to encourage me to see the positives in my life and in all of the people in my life. No matter what else, please know that I love you.

I love you both.

And to everyone else in my life, I love you too. I am blessed to be surrounded by courageous, amazing, hilarious, smart, beautiful (inside and out), and down right awesome family and friends.

On this Monday, however you are feeling, know you are loved and that there is always something to be thankful for.

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