Friday Inspiration

Today I was inspired by this lovely video of a young girl drumming on Facebook (hopefully the link works):

Badass Drumming

Which prompted me to find this awesome festival (I want to go to this in 2017): Hit Like A Girl Contest

Anyway, drummers in general are amazing. I can barely walk without tripping over my own feet much less have enough coordination to play an instrument like the drums. And female drummers are SERIOUSLY cool because they are kicking butt in a typically male dominated field.

Then you have these women, who are taking their passion to the masses and inspiring movement and fitness in a unique and fun way (I hope these classes make it to Boston): POUND Workout.

Today I encourage you to find your inner badass. What are you good at? Is there something you have always dreamed of doing? If so, take a risk and take a step toward that dream today. For me, my step is signing up for a triathlon this summer and starting to plan out my training program.


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