Best Hopes

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is all about looking at the strengths of a person or a situation. I have recently completed a training course on SFBT and am excited to apply this theory more fully to my life and thoughts. As an adolescent, I used to journal about my life. The act was not only therapeutic but helped me to make discoveries about persistent patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Blogging is journaling in a public arena. My best hopes for this blog are that I can find a more concrete way to apply SFBT to my life in a holistic manner. I want to discover how SFBT can be applied to my career in fundraising, my weight loss journey, my relationships, and my overall interaction with the world.

Let the journey begin…

3 thoughts on “Best Hopes

  1. Kelly you have always been a amazing child and now a woman. I look forward to your blogs and have already found them to be inspiring. I think you will always be someone who continues to clime mountains. Just remember to enjoy the beautiful views along the way.


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